Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Hi there true beleivers! i'm back from Africa and what a great trip! The travels were all over the map! SF to Toronto to London to Dubai to Nairobi thru Kenya to Tanzania to ARusha and finally based out of Moshi. From Moshi we ventured on a Safari that traveled thru Lake Manyara to Oldu[p]ai Gorge to get some schooling on our ancestors. The Ngorongoro Conservation area was next to get out to the Serengeti National Park and Plains area. From there we hung and checked out a few lodges and some great sites and then back to tne Ngorongoro Crater where we saw even more animals and then back to Moshi to prepare for our trek up Kilimanjaro..
..whew! After that is was off to the Amani Orphanage in Moshi to get some shoes and clothing for the kiddies and then chill for a week on Zanzibar, the Spice island and warm our tootsies on the fine white sand beaches and go snorkeling...

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