Tuesday, May 25, 2004

yes, it is true i have these fleeting thoughts. here is an example...

So this is my last day before my crazy firefighter physical agility test. i've passed this little jobby once before, but haven't had the chance to train this time around because of a bum back. pisser.

10 min. 20 sec.

that's all I need... and my back to not go out on me.

i am nauseated. i keep having the dry heaves.
...if you see me walking around and my eyes look watery,
i must have just almost tossed my cookies...

...on wednesday morning 5.26.04 i will be participating in the
SFFD Candidate Physical Agility Test or 'CPAT' for short.
This will be the second time I have done this.
I passed with flying colors the first time at a time of about 7minutes, 20 seconds or so.
...but that was with training for about two months.

Passing is 10 minutes, 20 seconds...

This time, i threw out my back at work moving a small carton of milk (a quart?)
from one shelf to the other a few weeks ago, so no training for me....i started training lightly
and was supposed to get into my "rocky" phase for the last month!

...geez, talk about timing....
here are the event details. I'll be doing this on wednesday (and maybe on thursday morn as well for the fire reserves)


you can pretend you didn't read this and i will be okay with it. it might even help me mentally.

just 10 min 20 seconds...

**hack hack**

.....there i go again...

Sunday, May 02, 2004

beautiful sunny day here in la la land. had a wonderful day just working on plants and drinking Raz - berry coolers. it feels nice to have fresh dirt in between your toes once in a while!

summers coming and the plums are getting ready in the back yard and all the birds are winging their crazy morning songs.

posting more pics soon...