Thursday, October 12, 2006

fishies in da water...

Lots of activity in da water at Linda Mar today. I hope i catch a few waves today. Then i am going 2 the skate park and hopefully don t break any bones...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

hey true believers. second day out in the water in socal. just shorts and riding some great waves out there on the 8'6" G&S mini longboard. got to see the sunrise this morning. what a beautiful planet we have. we need to take better care of her... it was about 6:45 in the morn and i was really thankful that the sun came out! it felt so good on my bare arms and shoulders....


Aloha Swell Riders, this is the Surf Guy with the Dawn Patrol for Tuesday.

2-4 ft. - knee to shoulder high and fair conditions.

AM Update: Some fun clean peaks..

PM Regional Overview:Increasing west winds and decreasing swell.

very very nice