Monday, April 05, 2004

i never thought it would happen. i never thought i could leave. it hurts as i write this. everyone here has been so great. it's too late now though. i didn't even think it was real when it happened.

my wife bought me the *shudder* SONY CLIÉ PEG-TH55

i didn't even deserve it. she just wanted me to.....move on 8( 8( 8(

as soon as she showed it to me the first thing i thought of was my newton.
my heart actually skipped a beat and i felt as if i had been caught cheating.

i feel like someone just broke up with me. like someone broke my heart.

i guess, i don't know, i'm sort of happier now, i'm just not sure.
but i just feel guilty and i need to speak to someone.

none of my friends understand. they just didn't get it.

my newt is all ready spoken for. sorry.

a new owner of a clie
a sad ex-newton owner.

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